I like sharing my knowledge and improving my communication skills. I am currently a lead instructor at Code First: Girls. Previously, I have taught beginner web dev in the internal code academy at Expedia. This has helped me overcome my speech anxiety while allowing me to help others and I'm looking for new opportunities to teach.


I am involved with community events, both as an anttendee and as an organiser. I have been part of KCL Tech, organising HackKings and HackLondon multiple times and I've attended diverse conferences, meetups and hackathons over the UK suchs as UtilityHack, Women in Silicon Roundabout, The JS Roundabout, ReactFest and Hackcon. You can follow my Twitter page to see where I'll be next.


I strongly believe that education is a lifetime journey. Therefore I engage daily in different learning activities such as reading books and articles, learning another language or skill. Currently, I am learning Spanish and I am reading A Song of Ice and Fire.


Travelling has enabled me to experience different cultures in a way nothing else can. I love discovering new places and I'm always on the hunt for new adventures. Follow my Instagram to see where my next destination is.